Examples of Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics

In a shivering winter season, if your mom prepares a nice hot coffee for you and you do not drink it within few minutes, then what happens? It will cool down. Right !! In this example, a zeroth law of thermodynamics plays an important role.  Don’t worry, I’ll explain to you everything about it. I’ll … Read more

Laws of thermodynamics

Even if you will not read this article, you will definitely understand all the laws of thermodynamics.  How? Because I have explained all these laws of thermodynamics with amazing images. Just see the images and you are done with this topic. A big question. How many laws of thermodynamics are there? Well, there are total … Read more

What is Third law of thermodynamics in simple terms?

Let me tell you a story before starting the third law of thermodynamics.  When German chemist Walther Hermann Nernst studied about the second law of thermodynamics, his mind was completely disturbed. He studied that the entropy of the universe keeps on increasing for all the process occurring on it’s own. He thought that, what should … Read more

What is second law of thermodynamics? [8+ Best examples to remember the law]

The air leaks from the balloon on it’s own. Have you noticed this on your birthday? But have you seen the balloon getting automatically filled up with air without doing anything? Obviously No. Well, I know that the second law of thermodynamics is very confusing for you as it has many complex terms in it.  … Read more

What is First law of thermodynamics?

What did you notice here? Is it Christmas or Diwali celebration? Maybe yes. But it’s a conversion of chemical energy of crackers into heat energy and sound energy. What happens here? The electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy of the fan. Here you can see that the electrical energy is converted to heat energy … Read more

Zeroth law of thermodynamics

This is really easy, trust me. I’ll explain you the entire statement of zeroth law of thermodynamics. Don’t worry. When I was student, I was wandering why this law is named “Zeroth”, why not first, second, third, etc??? It should be like first law, second law, third law, etc… But it is named zero. Why? … Read more

What is Thermodynamics? (35+ topics with Definitions) [Fast]

Hey there !!! Just look at me. I am heat and I am moving. That’s it. This is the simple meaning of thermodynamics. Thermodynamics means the study of heat in motion. Let me explain you thermodynamics in brief (it’s easy, trust me) Have you ever wondered from where does the word Thermodynamics come from? Thermodynamics is derived … Read more