What is Thermodynamic System? – Open, Closed & Isolated (With Examples)

These are the Thermodynamic System. Let me tell you some basics before starting the types of Thermodynamic system. What do you mean by thermodynamic system? What do you mean by surrounding or environment? What do you mean by boundary? What is universe? Here is the answer. I’ll explain all these terms using this simple image. … Read more

Thermodynamic Process (With Examples)

I will explain to you all these four Thermodynamic Process along with examples.  Trust me this is short and sweet, and you will love this article. There are four types of thermodynamic processes. Now, let me tell you something about all these in brief. 1). Isobaric process in thermodynamics The above image shows the boiling … Read more

What is second law of thermodynamics? [8+ Best examples to remember the law]

The air leaks from the balloon on it’s own. Have you noticed this on your birthday? But have you seen the balloon getting automatically filled up with air without doing anything? Obviously No. Well, I know that the second law of thermodynamics is very confusing for you as it has many complex terms in it.  … Read more