How does the first law of thermodynamics apply to photosynthesis?

Here you will get the exact reason how first law of thermodynamics is applied to the photosynthesis process. First of all, first law of thermodynamics states that; “Energy can neither be created nor it can be destroyed. But it can be transformed from one form to another.” We all know that we need a cooking … Read more

What quantities appear in the first law of thermodynamics?

There are in total 3 quantities appearing in the first law of thermodynamics. They are; What is Heat in first law of thermodynamics? Heat:  Heat is defined as a flow of thermal energy due to differences in temperatures. Heat is simply thermal energy in transit. If two bodies are at different temperatures and they are … Read more

Importance of First Law of Thermodynamics (5 Best)

There are many reasons which makes the first law of thermodynamics very important. Let’s discuss the importance of First law of thermodynamics. #1 First law of thermodynamics is very important as it gives us the concept of energy conservation. Explanation:  First law of thermodynamics says that “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it … Read more

Top 10 Zeroth law of Thermodynamics Questions and Answers

The top 10 best MCQ type questions and answers based on Zeroth law of thermodynamics which will make your concepts clear are given below. 1). Who discovered the title “Zeroth law of thermodynamics”?a) Sadi Carnotb) Ralph Fowlerc) Rudolf Clausiusd) James Maxwell Ans: b) Ralph Fowler 2). Imagine a coffee cup having a temperature of 50° … Read more

Who discovered the Zeroth law of Thermodynamics? (And when?)

The short answer: Ralph H Fowler gave the term “Zeroth law of thermodynamics” in 1935. Explanation In 1935, Fowler was reading the texts of two physicists Meghnad Saha and B N Srivastava and he came up on the text that “Every physical quantity must be measurable in numeric terms”.  They wrote in their text “Any … Read more

Why is there a Zeroth law of Thermodynamics? (2 Reasons)

The exact reason why there is a Zeroth law of thermodynamics is mentioned below: #Reason 1: Zeroth law of thermodynamics is very important because it shows that the physical quantity named “temperature” also exists in nature. #Reason 2: It was discovered after the first, second and third law. And it is important to keep this … Read more

What is Thermodynamic System? – Open, Closed & Isolated (With Examples)

These are the Thermodynamic System. Let me tell you some basics before starting the types of Thermodynamic system. What do you mean by thermodynamic system? What do you mean by surrounding or environment? What do you mean by boundary? What is universe? Here is the answer. I’ll explain all these terms using this simple image. … Read more

Thermodynamic Process (With Examples)

I will explain to you all these four Thermodynamic Process along with examples.  Trust me this is short and sweet, and you will love this article. There are four types of thermodynamic processes. Now, let me tell you something about all these in brief. 1). Isobaric process in thermodynamics The above image shows the boiling … Read more

What is Thermodynamic Equilibrium? (With Best Example)

Before explaining thermodynamic equilibrium, let me tell you one thing. The Thermodynamic Equilibrium includes three types of equilibrium. If two systems are in thermal, mechanical and chemical equilibrium with each other, then that systems are in thermodynamic equilibrium with each other. Here, you will come to know everything about thermodynamic equilibrium. Don’t worry, I’ll also … Read more