Top 10 Zeroth law of Thermodynamics Questions and Answers

The top 10 best MCQ type questions and answers based on Zeroth law of thermodynamics which will make your concepts clear are given below.

1). Who discovered the title “Zeroth law of thermodynamics”?
a) Sadi Carnot
b) Ralph Fowler
c) Rudolf Clausius
d) James Maxwell

Ans: b) Ralph Fowler

2). Imagine a coffee cup having a temperature of 50° C is kept open on a table. If the surrounding air of the room has a temperature of 20 °C, then what will be the temperature of the coffee after 6 hours?
a) 50 °C
b) 30 °C
c) 20 °C
d) 25 °C

Ans: c) 20 °C

3). Zeroth law of thermodynamics shows the existence of…
a) Work
b) Force
c) Temperature
d) Entropy

Ans: c) Temperature

4). Which law of thermodynamics is applicable to the thermometer?
a) Zeroth law of thermodynamics
b) First law of thermodynamics
c) Second law of thermodynamics
d) Third law of thermodynamics

Ans: a) Zeroth law of thermodynamics

5). What is the SI unit of temperature?
b) Celsius
c) Rankine
d) Kelvin

Ans: d) Kelvin

6). Difference in which of the following properties is responsible for heat transfer?
a) Temperature
b) Force
c) Pressure
d) None of the above

Ans: a) Temperature

7). Three bodies A, B and C having temperature 30 °C, 40 °C and 50 °C respectively are kept in contact with each other. What will be the direction of flow of heat in these three bodies?
a) A to B to C
b) C to B to A
c) C to A and then B
d) B to C and then A

Ans: b) C to B to A

8). If body A is at 50 °C, body B is at 60 ° C and body C is at 40 ° C, and they are thermally insulated from each other, then what will be the direction of heat flow?
a) A to B to C
b) B to A to C
c) C to A to B
d) No heat flow

Ans: d) No heat flow

9). If you want to construct a thermometer, then which law of thermodynamics is necessary for that?
a) Zeroth law
b) First law
c) Second law
d) Third law

Ans: a) Zeroth law

10). Working of a thermostat is based on which law of thermodynamics?
a) Zeroth law
b) First law
c) Second law
d) Third law

Ans: a) Zeroth law

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