Why are the Laws of Thermodynamics Important? (Simple)

The laws of thermodynamics are very important in our day to day life as all the four laws govern the universe. Every single thing which happens around us shows the importance of the laws of thermodynamics.


  1. It gives the concept of thermal equilibrium
  2. It gives us the concept of energy conservation
  3. It tells us whether the process will occur on its own or not?
  4. Using the third law, we can come to know whether a substance is pure crystalline or not.

In this article, I’ve explained to you the reason why these laws are important along with the examples.

Let’s dive straight into it.

Why is Zeroth law important?

  • Zeroth law of thermodynamics gives us the concept of thermal equilibrium and the presence of the fundamental property called temperature.
  • Zeroth law is very important for the manufacturing of devices which works on the principle of thermal equilibrium. (For example: thermometer)

Why is First law important?

  • First law tells us that all the energies of the universe remain conserved. The energies can not be created nor can be destroyed. (For example: solar energy is converted into chemical energy during the photosynthesis process, rotation of fan converts electrical energy into mechanical energy)
  • First law is also important as it shows the presence of internal energy in any substance.
  • Using the first law, the heat interaction and work interaction can be found using its mathematical equation (∆E = Q – W).
  • Thus first law of thermodynamics is very important as it is applicable to all the objects of the universe (from small atoms to huge planets and stars)

Why is Second law important?

  • Second law is important as it gives us the clear idea whether the process will occur on its own or not.
  • Also using the second law, the direction in which the process will proceed can be known.

Why is Third law important?

  • Using the third law of thermodynamics, we can find the absolute entropy of any substance at a given temperature.
  • We can also find whether the substance is pure crystalline or not, using 3rd law.

I hope this has helped you in solving your queries.

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